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N95 Particulate Respirator Dust Masks Disposable Anti-Dust, Smoke, Gas, Allergies, Personal Protective Equipment for Men and Women


Key Points

Health and Safe ,Dust masks disposable 10 Packs in box, one-time use masks for home and professional use. N95 dust mask contains activated carbon can filter out 95% particles in the air to protect your healthy.

No odor,The N95 particulate respirator dust mask has no odor to make you smell bad, you can breathe with natural fresh air.

Adaptable,The dust mask can adjust the nose band to fit any face shape, easy to wear comfortable.

Suitable for many occasions The dust mask can use indoor or outdoor, for cleaning activities, mowing, gardening, grinding, sawing, sanding, sweeping and dusting.

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N95 PM2.5 Mask uses military grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution,and gases, a fashion friendly mask suitable for the whole family. We call this the British Pollution Solution.


How long does the PM2.5 Mask last for? The mask can be hand washed with Soap and hot water, the filter can be replaced. The filter can be used for 48 - 72 hours on average depending on the level of pollution it is used in. This is very economical. This mask can be used for a long time.  As long as the filter is changed, its effect is almost equal to a brand new mask.


Note:PM2.5 N95 Mask is made of 6 level fabric.
Test Performance:99.4% average filtration of salt medium.95.5% average filtration of oily medium 

What does the PM2.5 Mask filter?

Almost 100% of Particulate Matter (PM) including PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3.

  • Medical Masks-Disposable Face Mask FDA Approved Earloop Dust Mask for Doctor Cleaner

Medical Masks-Disposable Face Mask FDA Approved Earloop Dust Mask for Doctor Cleaner

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